I have been going to Biffen Family Dentistry my entire life and now my children go there as well. I’ve never dreaded the dentist due to their exemplary and professional service. My daughter recently needed a small procedure, she was very worried and upset at arrival. They took the time and care to explain everything to her in detail and set her mind at ease. Highly recommend!

Rachele M.

There isn't enough stars to rate this place! I have been here a few times now and I couldn't give Dr. Biffin and his staff enough praise! I didn't know there were dentists like this! Thank you Dr. Biffin and staff a million times over for your great service and friendly family atmosphere!

Kevin S.

The staff was so friendly and caring, they listened to every concern i had, about my teeth, my care, and past experiences.
I am so glad they were recommended to me, and i will be recommending them to others

Joli T.

Excellent dental care provided in a friendly relaxing environment. Have been a patient going back to 2007, I would highly recommend!

Charles G.

The office is spotless!! The staff is wonderful! Both Dr. Biffens are sweet and caring. But most of all gentle!!

Jodi V.

Have always been terrified of going to a dentist for the last 10 years due to bad experiences, this place has definitely made the experience pleasant again! Couldn’t be more thrilled that I now can say I have a dentist I’d go back to. Very thorough and keeps appt times on time!

Dustin S.

The staff is very friendly and welcoming. They do a great job of explaining what I need to do any time I have an issue with my dental work.

Stefanie W.

I love how professional and happy everyone is at Biffen Family Dentistry. As soon as I walk in they are smiling and welcoming me. I'm so happy to be a part of this office.

Brian C.

I always have a pleasant experience at Biffen Family Dentistry. The dentists are always so thorough. Dr. Biffen is my favorite dentist and he really takes the time to catch up with me every visit.

Peter R.

I have been going to Biffen Family Dentistry forever. I won't go anywhere else because the staff here are so friendly and welcoming. I feel at home here. I highly recommend them.

Tracy L.

For the 20 years or so that I have been coming here it has always been wonderful. The staff is the sweetest. They will really do anything I need to be accommodated and the office is spotless! I love it and definitely recommend it.

Jessica F.

Dr. Biffen and his staff are always on top of everything. He takes care of any issues should they arise and he never pressures you into making a decision when it comes to your oral health. He'll inform you of all the options so you can make the best decision for yourself.

Gregory B.

I've been a patient at Biffen Family Dentistry since I was about 6 years old. I have always been very comfortable there and now the whole family goes including my husband who hadn't seen a dentist in over 18 years!

Emma W.

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