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While complete dentures rely on adhesives to hold them in place over the gums, “overdentures” are anchored to dental implants that are firmly embedded in the underlying bone. Overdentures are more stable than dentures that require adhesives, which leads to improved biting and chewing. In addition, the use of dental implants to hold overdentures in place stimulates the upper and lower jaw bones so that they will not shrink  due to bone resorption. This effect helps avoid the “aging look” that may otherwise appear when the lower face takes on a “shrunken” appearance. All these advantages combine to provide a better fit that will both minimize  gum sores and require  less maintenance.

If you would like more information about dentures and how they can help you, we welcome your call. We are a full-service dental office, offering ultra-advanced dentistry from caring and family-friendly professionals. We have thousands of healthy, dazzling smiles to our credit, and we’d like to add you to that number.  We utilize only the latest in dental technology for our patients’ care and comfort. Office hours are by appointment.

P.S. Overdentures snap in place onto implants.

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